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Steel Vs. Aluminum Siding – What’s the Difference?

Gentek Sierra Steel In Monterey Sand

Choosing the right siding for your home can be one of the most challenging building decisions you have to make. Metal siding is durable, low maintenance, and resistant to rot, mildew, pests and fire. If you decide to pursue metal siding, you have two options: steel or aluminum. Your choice may depend on your budget and climate. We share some of the pros and cons of steel and aluminum siding to help you find the right solution:

Steel Siding

Steel siding has many benefits but is best known for its strength, durability and fire resistance. Steel is one of the toughest siding materials and can help protect your home from harsh weather conditions. SteelTek Supreme shields your home with a resilient Kynar PVDF finish for long-lasting beauty and protection. Keep in mind that steel siding is unsuitable for coastal areas and may cost more to install due to its weight. However, once installed, steel requires minimal upkeep.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding suits any climate and will not rust in coastal and humid environments. High-gauge aluminum is a good insulator that adapts to seasonal temperature changes. Aluminum is thinner and softer than steel, so look for aluminum siding coated in a protective layer, such as resilient LoMar polyester, for added protection.

Style & Aesthetics

Modern-day steel and aluminum siding is available in many stylish colors and finishes. Gentek steel and aluminum siding can provide homeowners with realistic wood grain, including the look of genuine cedar. Gentek offers a variety of steel and aluminum siding products to suit your needs and budget. Use the Gentek Visualizer to picture different styles and colors on your home and find the perfect fit.