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Vinyl Window Styles & Where to Use Them

Gentek Sequoia Select Awning Window

Windows play a critical role in home design, impacting a home’s aesthetics and functionality. Vinyl windows, in particular, can provide many benefits for homeowners, from enhanced energy efficiency to minimal maintenance. The first step when buying new or replacement vinyl windows is choosing a window style to suit your needs and the room’s purpose. Whether you want to increase natural light, […]

How to Choose the Right Glass Package for Your Windows

Gentke Signature Elite Window - Double Hung

When selecting the ideal replacement windows for your home, the glass package should be one of the primary considerations. Windows are roughly 80% glass, which means the glass system you choose is crucial for energy efficiency, climate comfort, and year-round savings. Understanding the Basics Reducing energy loss is often a top reason for investing in replacement windows. This is where […]