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4 Types of Siding to Consider for Your Home

Gentek Iron Ore color

When planning to replace your siding, there are many factors to consider, from color and finish to siding style and material. While you could replace your siding with the same type as before, many options are worth considering. As with any home improvement project, upgrading your siding is an investment, and it pays to do your research. Here are four popular types of siding to consider for your home:

1. Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has earned a reputation as a low-maintenance, durable and affordable cladding product. Modern-day vinyl siding will never chip, peel or require repainting and can stylishly mimic a realistic wood grain finish. At the end of its lifespan, 99% of vinyl siding can be repurposed and recycled at a dedicated recycling center.

2. Steel Siding

Steel siding can provide unbeatable strength and protection for 50+ years. Steel is ideal for regions subject to harsh winters and wildfires, and can handle severe weather conditions with ease. Aesthetically, steel siding can provide homeowners with an authentic freshly-painted wood grain appearance. As a bonus, steel siding requires very little upkeep from homeowners.

3. Aluminum Siding

Aluminum siding is a versatile material that thrives in any climate, including coastal communities. While thinner and softer than steel siding, aluminum has similar longevity. Aluminum is a good insulator – it doesn’t get as hot as steel and cools down more quickly, potentially saving you money on cooling costs. Similar to vinyl and steel siding, aluminum siding can have a rich woodgrain texture and broad color palette.

4. Shakes & Scallops

Mix it up, and add character to your home with shakes and scallop accents. Mixing materials is an easy way to add style and enhance your curb appeal. Alternatively, use shakes or scallops on your entire home exterior for a unique rustic look. Gentek USA’s Fairhaven Sound Single Select Shakes & Scallops can provide a natural-looking exterior with high-performance polymer technology, for less maintenance and greater durability.

To help with your decision, envision different types of siding on your home with the Gentek Visualizer design tool.