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How to Choose the Right Glass Package for Your Windows

Gentke Signature Elite Window - Double Hung

When selecting the ideal replacement windows for your home, the glass package should be one of the primary considerations. Windows are roughly 80% glass, which means the glass system you choose is crucial for energy efficiency, climate comfort, and year-round savings. Understanding the Basics Reducing energy loss is often a top reason for investing in replacement windows. This is where […]

Gentek Introduces ALIGN Composite Cladding in the U.S.

The world’s first composite cladding incorporating Glass-Reinforced Polymer and Graphite-Infused Polystyrene (GP)2 Technology is now available in the U.S. Let’s explore some of the reasons why ALIGN composite cladding is a “must-have” for style, strength, durability and easy upkeep. The Science Behind ALIGN Composite Cladding It’s the details that make this innovative cladding beautiful and the science […]

How to Match Siding and Shutters

Installing or updating shutters on your home is a cost-effective way to enhance your home’s exterior and increase your curb appeal. After you’ve chosen your dream shutter style, which could range from a traditional louvered panel or an artsy cut-out design, the next step is choosing a shutter color that truly complements your siding. Find […]

Best-Suited Siding for Popular American House Styles

Gentek Aurora II Siding

When it comes to American residential architecture, a diverse range of house styles exist, each with its unique charm and history. If you’re planning a home renovation or want to spruce up your home exterior, picking the right siding to complement your house style is essential. Let’s explore five popular American house styles and discover the best-suited siding for each. […]