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Signature Elite

Exceptional craftsmanship and remarkable energy-saving performance—Signature Elite is everything you’re looking for in a quality replacement window, and more.  The upscale design and attention to detail expertly merge with best-in-class technology for enduring beauty, superior energy efficiency, easy upkeep and excellent value.

Product Features

Signature Elite windows are precision-engineered to help keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer with less energy usage. The refined design and quality craftsmanship will beautifully withstand everyday wear and tear while providing a thermal barrier against inclement weather and energy loss. 

  • Flat casing and brickmould TrimEssentials options as part of the Signature Elite Full-Frame Replacement System, which delivers superior performance with consistent, aesthetically pleasing exterior trim.

  • BroadView™ Narrowline Frame and Sash The contemporary low-profile construction provides a greater glass area for exceptional daylighting, while embedded chambers increase energy efficiency, rigidity and durability.

  • Fortress™ Secure Locking System Fortress’ positive end-of-throw cam shift locking action seals the sash tightly closed; the low-profile hardware features a “locked” indicator.

  • CoreTec™ Composite Reinforcement This non-conductive composite reinforcement enhances thermal performance at the meeting rails and allows for secure mounting of hardware.1

  • Traverse™ Telescoping Sill The benefits here are threefold: increased structural stability, greater protection from air and water, and enhanced beauty.

  • Gradient™ True Sloped Sill Featuring a smooth surface, Gradient promptly directs water runoff without the use of weep holes2 to help keep the exterior window attractive.

  • LinkSync™ Sash-to-Sill Interlock LinkSync nests the sash into the sill to create a wall of resistance that helps prevent the sash from bowing during extreme winds.

  • DuraFit™ Screen Bulb Seal This compression bulb seal blocks unsightly light penetration between the screen and window frame and helps keep insects out; it also aids in easier screen installation and removal.3

1 Double hung base model will automatically be upgraded to ST (steel reinforcement) for all units ordered in excess of 48" wide or 84" high.

2 For larger size windows or to meet specific DP/PG ratings, optional weeps/performance package must be ordered.

3Available only with the full screen option.

Signature Elite
<br><br>Window Diagram

Window Diagram

Take a closer look at Signature Elite's superb construction and energy-saving features.

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Insulated Glass Packages

Insulated Glass Packages

For even greater energy savings, choose Signature Elite windows with the Barrier® insulated glass package.

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Decorative Window Options


Signature Elite windows are available in a full selection of luxurious hues and warm woodgrains to enhance the appearance of your home - both inside and out. Exterior colors feature a cutting-edge polyurethane coating technology with heat-reflective pigments for a remarkably strong, fade-resistant and highly weatherable finish that's easy to clean. Our interior woodgrain laminate finishes are precision-engineered for outstanding durability that maintains its attractive appearance over the life of the product. Our new Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) Windows recreate the handcrafted aesthetic of historical true divided lites—small, individual panes of glass separated by muntins and mounted in a frame. Together, this innovative design collection delivers the perfect fusion of style and strength.

Gentek Window Exterior Colors
Gentek Window Interior Colors

Interior Grids

SDL Grid Patterns

Grid Patterns

Grid Profiles

V-Grooved Cut Glass

Choose cut or polished V-grooved glass for a subtle touch of elegance.

Exterior Trims

exterior trims

Tools and Resources

In these comprehensive manuals, you will find all of the information needed to fully enjoy and take care of your Gentek vinyl windows. For added protection, Signature Elite windows carry a lifetime limited warranty - further assurance you have made an excellent selection for your home.
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