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Trim Essentials


Extra detail at the rooflines, added dimension around the windows, a beautifully appointed entryway and handsomely crafted corners. It's the little things that give a home personality and style. Each accent may be small individually, but together they create a truly transformative effect.

TrimEssentials by Gentek® decorative accents and trim-along with shakes and scallops, and a host of soffit and siding products-let you take a whole new approach to traditional design. So go ahead and get creative, get inspired and have fun with the fundamentals!


Perfection? It's never too much to ask. Our Color Clear Through® system makes it easy to find the perfect color match for your exterior design. This exclusive selection of customer-preferred colors ensures that all Gentek products-siding, soffit, fascia, trim and rainware-will beautifully match throughout our vinyl, aluminum and steel product lines.

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